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Aaron Barlow, MBA

Founder of Biscuit





Wake Forest University School of Business

Coastal Carolina University

A Bit About Me

Throughout my life, I was always a person that loved to come up with business ideas. I've been brainstorming how to provide solutions to both common and uncommon problems since I was at least 7 but I never really took that leap into entrepreneurship. I would always poke and prod at the ideas of product design, branding, budgeting certain projects, and even forecasting revenues but never fully executing on any of them. There was always the idea, for better or worse, to avoid taking on that risk.


A brief glimpse into my path, I received my Finance degree from Coastal Carolina in 2014 and my MBA from Wake Forest in 2019. During these years, I worked in banking and ultimately found consulting. During my time consulting, I had the opportunity to work with all sizes of business' which had taught me the ins and outs of how to operate and grow a business. Even during this time, I formulated the idea of starting a Solar business, Sun Source Labs, which was launched in 2022. 


Now, considering all of the above, I still get pulled back to the idea of taking a business from ideation to reality. It is where my passion lies: Not in the consultative side BUT the execution. Which has led me to start: Biscuit. 

Biscuit has given me the platform and the opportunity to help make people's dreams of having their own business a reality. I want nothing more than to help 1,000s of business' launch over the next 2 decades. Let's take on that risk together.

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