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Full-Time Execution Partner

Includes taking on the responsibilities of a company founder, working towards the business launch

  • 1 h
  • Zoom

Service Description

This is where we will define what needs to be accomplished and establish a defined time-frame in order to get us to the successful launch of your business. We will be fully responsible for the execution of each step of the process in all functions of your business. We will further develop your idea into a refined business concept Step 0 - Business Introduction and Discovery Step 1 - Come up w/ Biz name and Incorporate Step 2 - Create branding and logo Design while Documentation is filed Step 3 - Purchase Domain Name & develop website Step 4 - Establish Social Media Accounts - Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin Step 5 - Optimize Search-ability through google my business Step 6 - Begin to research Management Platforms and schedule demos Step 7 - Develop Content & Build out library of content Step 8 - Develop Content Calendar and include plans for edited content to be released Step 9 - Create Venmo for Business Account Step 10 - Select Management Platform and Train yourself for reteaching new hires Step 11 - Develop Compensation Structure Step 12 - Create Account for Indeed, Determine hiring need and Create Job Descriptions Step 13 - Develop Interview Questions and Onboarding Plans Step 14 - Development of Sales Scripts Step 15 - Establish Early Operational and Sales Targets Step 16 - Create a Product/Services Pricing List Step 17 - Strategic Partnerships

Contact Details

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